What Does Om Chanting Meditation Mean?

Video Source: Om Chanting Meditation

OM Chanting Meditation (108 Times)

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We are super excited to introduce to you this amazing formula “Om Chanting Meditation (108 times)" which will be part of our album series “Sacred Mantra Chants Vol.1”.

AUM / OM Mantra (lyrics):
ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ
ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ
ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ

As you may know, a Mantra is actually a beautiful Sanskrit word for "sound energy”. Mantras hold within them the vibrations of the universe. From supreme stillness and subtle ultrasonic vibrations, these divine and sacred vibrational tones have the capacity to form and shape your reality while attracting many miracles into your life. By practicing mantras, we can tap into the source, allowing for powerful manifestations as we tap into universal energy that fills our core with healing light, providing us with greater sensitivity and understanding of who we are.

For example, you may feel a a subtle sensation of universal vibration listening to this ‘OM’ chanting Meditation session.

AUM aka Om (ॐ) is one of the most powerful sounds in the universe. Everything in the universe is pulsating and vibrating – nothing is really standing still and this includes your words and your words hold vibration as well. AUM is one of the first sacred sounds that emerged from the vibrations of cosmic energies that were behind creating this amazing universe. Om represents the source and when you tap into the powers of an Om chanting Mantra meditation, you get to sense the entire universe within you. In other words you tap into your true self as it reminds you and brings you back to your beautiful inner essence. Om chanting also vibrates through our body as it fills your body with a lot of positivity, calmness, and energy.

“A (Akaar)” represents the vibration that brings into manifestation from Source; “U (Ukaar)” represents the vibration that energizes the manifestation; and “M (Makaar)” represents the vibration that dissolves the manifested back into the universe.

The power of AUM or Om is incredible and has been used for centuries as yogis have been chanting the Mantra to connect their soul to the universe.

Om chanting / mantra has some amazing benefits for your mental and physical health. When you meditate to OM chanting , all your conflicts and inner turmoil disappear as you connect with all living beings, nature and the universe.

It also has many physical benefits as it calms the minds, relaxes you, dissolves stress, alleviates the nervous system, decreases blood pressure, boosts heart health, increases mental awareness, improves sleep, improves and cleanses skin, improves eyesight, gets rid of negative energy around you, detoxifies the body and mind, increases your concentration levels, boosts emotional intelligence, mitigates stomach issues, boosts immunity levels, improves the efficiency of the spinal cord and so much more. The vibrations of Om flow from the belly to brain, and these sound vibrations have a great impact in harmonizing our beautiful bodies.

Why Om Chanting 108 times?
Well, you know we love our numbers.
The number 108 actually refers to spiritual completion. There are 108 beads on Japamalas (which are prayer beads commonly used in Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Shintō for the spiritual practice known in Sanskrit). There are 9 rounds of 12 postures in sun salutations (totaling 108) and there are 108 cycles of pranayama as well.

1+8 = 9 which represents purpose, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, Universal love, eternity, faith, Universal Spiritual Laws, spiritual enlightenment, humanitarianism and the humanitarian, leading by positive example and so much more as we will get into more detail regarding this divine number.

You do not have to chant while listening to benefit from this formula, but can if you would like

Headphones are optional
You can transition into a meditative state will listening for added benefits.


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